ccNSO Application (.ls)

19 July 2018

Application for Membership
Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO)

Confirmation E-mail:
cctld: Lesotho (.ls)

To: ccNSO Membership
c/o ICANN Secretary
Date: Submitted on Thu Jul 19 12:33:02 2018
Regarding: ccNSO Membership


With this letter, I, Mamothokoane Tlali declare that Lesotho Network Information Centre is the ccTLD manager (as defined in the ICANN bylaws, (Article IX Section (4)(1)) for the Lesotho (.ls) and wishes to apply for membership of the ccNSO and that I am duly authorized to make and sign this application for membership on behalf of Lesotho Network Information Centre.

Lesotho Network Information Centre hereby recognizes the role of the ccNSO within the ICANN structure, and agrees, for the duration of its membership in the ccNSO to:

  1. adhere to the rules of the ccNSO, including membership rules; and
  2. adhere to ICANN Bylaws as they apply to ccTLDs (Article IX and Annexes B and C of the ICANN bylaws.

Lesotho Network Information Centre understands that:

  1. membership in the ccNSO is independent of any individual relationship a ccTLD manager has with ICANN or the ccTLD manager's receipt of IANA services. (Article IX Section (4)(3)); and
  2. currently there are no fees payable for ccNSO membership. However, under the ICANN bylaws (Article IX Section (7) (3)), the ccNSO could in the future, subject to members approval, establish membership fees.

Signed by Mamothokoane Tlali for and on behalf of Lesotho Network Information Centre:

Name of ccTLD Manager: Lesotho Network Information Centre
Name of Representative: Mamothokoane Tlali
Name of Primary Contact: Mamothokoane Tlali
Primary Contact Address:
Lesotho Network Information Centre
30 princess Margaret road
Old Europa
Primary Contact Telephone Number: +26622224300
Primary Contact E-Mail:


  1. A ccTLD Manager is the person or organisation referred to in the IANA database entry for a ccTLD under the current heading "Sponsoring Organisation".
  2. Where the Sponsoring Organisation is listed in the IANA database as an individual person then that person is the Representative. Where the Sponsoring Organisation is listed in the IANA database as an organisation then the Representative is the individual person who is completing the application form for the organisation and is authorised to do so by the organisation.
  3. The Primary Contact is the main contact for the member and should be either the Administrative Contact or Technical Contact listed in the IANA database for the ccTLD.