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27 October 2005


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ccNSO Application (.uz)

  • To: ccnso-applications@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: ccNSO Application (.uz)
  • From: applications@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 05:52:39 -0700

                        Application for Membership
          Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO)

To: ccNSO Membership
    c/o ICANN Secretary
Date:   28 October 2004
Regarding: ccNSO Membership

With this letter, I declare that Rasulev Timur is the ccTLD manager
referred to in the IANA database under the current heading 'Sponsoring
Organization' (see * below for more detailed definition) for the
.uz domain, and that I am authorized to make this application
for membership to the ccNSO on behalf of Rasulev Timur.

Rasulev Timur hereby recognizes the role of the ccNSO within the ICANN
structure, and agrees, for the duration of its membership in the ccNSO

    (a) adhere to rules of the ccNSO, including membership rules;
    (b) to abide by policies developed and recommended by the ccNSO and
    adopted by the Board in the manner described by paragraphs 10 and 11
    of Section 4 of Article IX of the ICANN By Laws; and
    (c) pay ccNSO membership fees established by the ccNSO Council.

Membership in the ccNSO is independent of any individual relationship a
ccTLD manager has with ICANN or the ccTLD manager's receipt of IANA
services.  (Article XI(4)(3)).

This form is submitted by Timur Rasulev being the ccTLD manager or
a person duly authorized by the ccTLD manager to apply for membership
on behalf of the ccTLD manager.

Rasulev Timur

Name of ccTLD Manager: Rasulev Timur
ccTLD Manager Contact Address:
B.Ochakovskaya 28
ccTLD Manager Telephone Number: +79262693368
ccTLD Manager E-Mail: tima3009@xxxxxxx

Secondary contact information:

Designated ccNSO representative for ccTLD (if different from above):

Name of ccTLD Representative: Timur Rasulev
ccTLD Representative Contact Address:
B.Ochakovskaya 28
ccTLD Representative Telephone Number: +79262693368
ccTLD Representative E-Mail: tima3009@xxxxxxx

*DEFINITION: For the purposes of membership of the ccNSO a ccTLD manager
is defined as the organization or entity responsible for managing an ISO
3166 country-code top-level domain and referred to in the IANA database
under the current heading of "Sponsoring Organization" (or any later
variant) for that country-code top-level domain.  (ICANN Bylaws Article

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