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02 September 2003


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ccNSO Application (.mw)

  • To: <ccnso-applications@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: ccNSO Application (.mw)
  • From: <ccnso-applications@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 16:28:05 -0700

                        Application for Membership
          Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO)

To: ccNSO Membership
  c/o ICANN Secretary
Date: 4 September 2003
Regarding: ccNSO Membership

With this letter, I declare that Malawi SDNP Attn: Dr Paulos Nyirenda is =
ccTLD manager
(as defined in the ICANN bylaws, Article IX(4)(1)*) for the .mw
domain, and that I am authorized to sign this application for membership
to the ccNSO on behalf of Malawi SDNP Attn: Dr Paulos Nyirenda.=20

Malawi SDNP Attn: Dr Paulos Nyirenda hereby recognizes the role of the =
within the ICANN
structure, and agrees, for the duration of its membership in the ccNSO

    (a) adhere to rules of the ccNSO, including membership rules;
    (b) adhere to ICANN bylaws as they apply to ccTLDS (Article XI=20
        and Annexes B and C of the ICANN bylaws found at=20; and
    (c) pay ccNSO membership fees established by the ccNSO Council.

Membership in the ccNSO is independent of any individual relationship a
ccTLD manager has with ICANN or the ccTLD manager's receipt of IANA
services.  (Article XI(4)(3)).=20

Dr Paulos Nyirenda

Name of ccTLD Manager: Malawi SDNP Attn: Dr Paulos Nyirenda
Contact Address:=20
Malawi SDNP, P/B 303, Blantyre 3, MALAWI
Telephone Number: +265-1-674979
E-Mail: paulos@xxxxxxxxxxx

Secondary contact information:
    Designated ccNSO representative for ccTLD (if different from above)

Contact Address:=20

Telephone Number:=20

*DEFINITION: For the purposes of membership of the ccNSO a ccTLD manager
is defined as the organization or entity responsible for managing an ISO
3166 country-code top-level domain and referred to in the IANA database
under the current heading of "Sponsoring Organization" (or any later
variant) for that country-code top-level domain.  (ICANN Bylaws Article

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