October 2022 edition of the ccNSO newsletter is out

31 October 2022

The October 2022 edition of the ccNSO monthly newsletter is out now. You will be able to find this month's edition, the ccNSO Newsletter Archive and instructions on how to subscribe to the newsletter here: https://community.icann.org/x/UgirBQ

Highlights from this month's edition:

  • New ccNSO internal rules came into effect
  • Keep informed about the work by the ccNSO
  • RZERC: ccNSO seeks one volunteer
  • Nominations ICANN Board Seat 11:
    • Join the Q&A with Patricio Poblete on 3 November at 13 UTC
    • Heads up: voting starts soon
  • Third ccNSO Policy Development Process (ccPDP3)
    • ICANN Board adopted the ccNSO proposed policy on retirement of ccTLDs
    • Update on ccPDP3-part 2: Review Mechanism
  • Planning for ICANN76 (11-16 March, Cancun)
    • MPC wrapped up ICANN75 and starts preparing for the Community Forum
  • 2nd CSC effectiveness review: Do ccTLDs support the draft ccNSO response?
  • ccNSO Council highlights
    • looking back at the October 2022 meeting
    • 2023 Council elections: candidate list