Call for ccNSO Representative to ICANN's Nominating Committee

30 August 2012

The ccNSO is to appoint a ccNSO representative to the Nominating Committee, which is in charge of selecting people for leadership positions within ICANN.

Should anyone from the community be interested in this position, please, send an email to by Friday, 7 September 2012 at the latest. If there is more than one candidate, the ccNSO Council will make a selection.


Specific criteria for selecting a delegate to the NomCom is provided in Article VII, Section 4 of ICANN’s Bylaws (


    Delegates to the ICANN Nominating Committee shall be:

    1. Accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, and intelligence, with reputations for sound judgment and open minds, and with experience and competence with collegial large group decision-making;

    2. Persons with wide contacts, broad experience in the Internet community, and a commitment to the success of ICANN;

    3. Persons whom the selecting body is confident will consult widely and accept input in carrying out their responsibilities;

    4. Persons who are neutral and objective, without any fixed personal commitments to particular individuals, organizations, or commercial objectives in carrying out their Nominating Committee responsibilities;

    5. Persons with an understanding of ICANN's mission and the potential impact of ICANN's activities on the broader Internet community who are willing to serve as volunteers, without compensation other than the reimbursement of certain expenses; and

    6. Persons who are able to work and communicate in written and spoken English."

  • NomCom delegates should have a high level network of contacts essential to candidate recruitment (and we hope the ccNSO as sending entity will support your delegate and help them with outreach.)

  • Eligibility Exception – No person who is an employee of or paid consultant to ICANN (including the Ombudsman) shall simultaneously serve in any of the Nominating Committee positions as described in Article VII, Section 2 of ICANN’s Bylaws (

  • The person should be able to join monthly teleconferences (typically 13:00 or 14:00 UTC). Note that the committee's workload will increase significantly during Apr/May/June 2013 when the candidate assessment process will be at its busiest. Conference call are held more frequently (typically weekly) during this time as well.

  • The person must be able to attend the NomCom selection meeting in late June 2013.

  • The person should be willing to work in a large, consensus-oriented committee.

In 2013 the NomCom will select 3 Directors of the ICANN Board, 3 members if the ALAC, 2 members of the GNSO Council, and one member of the ccNSO Council.

All 2013 NomCom members should be able to attend the first formal meeting of the 2013 NomCom in Toronto which is anticipated to be held at the conclusion of the ICANN meeting, 19 – 20 October 2012. Travel and hotel accommodation will be provided.

The NomCom has guideline and procedure documents for reference that provide additional information about the work of the NomCom.