Call for Nominations to the ccNSO Council

30 August 2010

At the ICANN meeting in North America 13-18 March 2011, one ccNSO Councillor from each region is stepping down:

Africa- Mohamed El Bashir, .sd
Asia/Australia/Pacific- Hiro Hotta, .jp
Europe- Ondrej Filip, .cz
Latin America/Caribbean- Patrick Hosein, .tt
North America- Dotty Sparks de Blanc, .vi

All ccNSO members are entitled to nominate one candidate for election to the ccNSO Council and each member can second one candidate. In order to nominate or second a candidate, a member must have been a member of the ccNSO by 31 August 2010.

All details of the procedure for nominations and for seconding nominations are available at

You can see who has been nominated at

Nominations can be made from the 31st August 00.00 UTC until 21st September 2010, 00.00 UTC.