Update ccNSO Membership

29 August 2019

As a follow-up of the discussions during the ICANN65 Marrakech ccNSO Council meeting (26 June 2019), the ccNSO Secretariat reached out to a number of ccTLD Managers. As approved by the Council in Marrakech, the approach for each ccTLD was determined on a case-by-case basis, under the auspices of the ccNSO membership application manager. As a result of the action, the following 6 ccTLDs were informed they are not member of the ccNSO: .ec (Ecuador), .ml (Mali), .tg (Togo), .vg (Virgin Islands, British), .vu (Vanuatu), .zm (Zambia). The ccNSO now numbers 166 members: the number of members was reduced from 172.

Membership in the ccNSO is open to all ccTLD managers responsible for managing an ISO 3166-1 country-code top-level domain. According to the ICANN Bylaws, ccNSO membership is limited to ccTLD Managers (originally Sponsoring Organisation), which are the entities listed as ccTLD Manager in the IANA TLD Delegation record.