Call for volunteers: ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC)

20 January 2019

The ccNSO seeks additional volunteers for the ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC). The SOPC is a key working group for the ccNSO, which has gained an important role by its regular input provided to ICANN's Strategic and Operational plans. The SOPC has kicked off its work to provide input to FY20 Annual Budget and operational Plan.

If you are interested in joining the SOPC, kindly send an e-mail to
Closing date of this call for volunteers is Monday, 4 February 2019, 23:59 UTC.

This announcement will also be published here:

Who can join?

Membership of the Committee is open to all ccTLD managers (whether members or non-members of the ccNSO).

Workload & working method

The Group has estimated that every member needs to be able to invest at least six days on a yearly basis towards the work of the group. The workload is not spread evenly but is concentrated around the periods when ICANN launches consultations on its Operating Plan, Budget and Strategy Plan.

The group meets through telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings during the ICANN meetings. However, most work is done between the telephone conferences and meetings.

About the SOPC

The aim of the Committee is to coordinate, facilitate, and increase the participation of ccTLD managers in ICANN and PTI's strategic and operational planning processes and related budgetary processes. The ccNSO Council and individual ccTLD managers, collectively or individually, will be invited to support the position or input of the Committee. The Committee may submit a relevant Rejection Action Petition against the ICANN and IANA budgets, as well as their Strategic and operating Plans as defined in the ICANN Bylaws, Annex D, section 2.1 (f), (g), (h) and (i) to the ccNSO as Decisional Participant.


Next Steps

Once we have received your intent to apply for this position, the ccNSO Secretariat will send you a link to an online Public Data Consent Form. (consult the template here: Via this form, you consent to ICANN processing data in order to appoint you as a SOPC members and to subscribe you to the relevant mailing list(s). The form explains the information ICANN will process to administer your participation as SOPC member and how the information will be used this purpose. It also describes the rights you have regarding your information.

The ccNSO Council will appoint the additional members to the SOPC as soon as possible.