call for presentations at the ccNSO Members Meeting in Marrakech (ICANN65)

28 March 2019

The ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee is seeking presenters for the upcoming ccNSO Member Meeting (ccTLD news session) at the June 2019 ICANN Policy Forum in Marrakech (ICANN65).

The ccNSO Members Meeting will take place on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 June 2019.

If your registry is interested in presenting at the ccTLD News Session,
please contact Joke Braeken (,
no later than Wednesday, 17 April 2019 (23:59 UTC).

The ccNSO Meeting Programme Working Group invites you to share your best practices, project solutions, implementations and case studies by presenting at the ccTLD news session, covering for instance recent developments, ccTLD activities and ccTLD management related topics, both from an operational, marketing or legal point of view. Since ICANN65 is a policy forum, the MPC particularly welcomes policy-related contributions with relevance for ccTLDs.

Candidate presenters are invited to send the following information to Joke Braeken (, at their earliest convenience - no later than Wed, 17 April 2019 (23:59 UTC).

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  • Exact title of your presentation
  • First name of the presenter
  • Last name of the presenter
  • ccTLD of the presenter
  • Short summary of your presentation (few sentences)

Please note:

  • Has your presentation been shown at another industry event? If so, kindly specify where. In order to avoid unnecessary overlap with other meetings, you are kindly encouraged to adopt the presentation to a global audience.
  • No interpretation services will be provided during the ccNSO Members meeting, therefore please take into consideration that presentations are to be held in English.
  • On (go to the "links" section) you will be able to find some tips & tricks for presenters at ccNSO meetings, and how to make a good presentation even more engaging.

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Next steps:

Each proposal for a presentation is reviewed and evaluated by the ccNSO Meeting Programme Committee (MPC). Depending on the amount of submissions, the MPC cannot always guarantee a speaking slot for all volunteers.

A short description of the scheduled presentations will be published online, prior to the meeting.