The ccNSO Programme Working Group revised its charter and is now a Committee

27 September 2018

At its September meeting, the ccNSO Council resolved to adopt the revised charter of the ccNSO Meetings Programme Working Group (MPWG). Major changes include:

  • Rename the MPWG to Meetings Programme Committee (MPC) to reflect the continuous nature of the group
  • Review membership structure, membership term limitations and describe role of the chair.

The ccNSO Council Resolution can be found here. The goal of the ccNSO Meeting Programme Standing Committee is to to coordinate and manage the agenda of the ccNSO meetings, and in particular the ccNSO Members Meeting, during ICANN public meetings. A call for additional volunteers to join the MPC will be sent out at ICANN63. Read more about the MPC here, and consult its updated charter here.