The Israel IDN ccTLD Manager joins as newest member of the ccNSO

27 October 2023

At its 199th meeting held on Thursday, 26 October 2023, the Council of the country code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) approved The Israel Internet Association - RA, the ccTLD manager of Israel (xn--4dbrk0ce / ישראל), as the newest ccNSO member. The ccNSO currently numbers 177 members.

The Israel Internet Association - RA is listed as ccNSO member for the .il and the xn--4dbrk0ce / ישראל ccTLDs respectively. As per ICANN Bylaws 10.4.(e)(ii): "For any Territory for which there is a single ccTLD manager that is a ccNSO member, the Representative selected by that manager in accordance with Section 10.4(e) shall be the Territory's emissary ("Emissary") for the purpose of voting in the specific cases enumerated in this Article, Annex B, or Annex C of these Bylaws."

The ccNSO warmly welcomes xn--4dbrk0ce / ישראל to its membership and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration!

About the ccNSO

The ccNSO is the policy development body for a narrow range of global issues regarding country-code top level domains (ccTLDs) within the ICANN structure. According to the ICANN Bylaws, ccNSO membership is limited to ccTLD Managers (originally Sponsoring Organisation), which are the entities listed as such in the IANA TLD Delegation record.