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The November 2020 edition of the ccNSO monthly newsletter is out now

26 November 2020

The November 2020 edition of the ccNSO monthly newsletter is out now.

Highlights from this month's edition:

  • The SOPC seeks volunteers: Join the SOPC webinar on Monday, 30 November at 15 UTC
  • Call for volunteers to join the drafting team for a ccNSO statement as a response to questions from ICANN legal regarding a Bylaw change to include IDN ccTLDs as members to the ccNSO
  • Update on the ccNSO Nomination and Election procedures:
    • The ccNSO Council welcomes new members
    • The ccNSO members recently selected Katrina Sataki for ICANN Board Seat 12
  • Looking back at ICANN69: The ICANN69 "feedback-on-feedback" is now available. The document aims to evaluate the community feedback received regarding the Virtual ccNSO Members meeting at ICANN69, and provides the feedback from the ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee in response.
  • ccNSO Council highlights

You will be able to find this month's edition, the ccNSO Newsletter Archive and instructions on how to subscribe here.