Adoption: New ccNSO Internal Rules

25 October 2022

This is to inform you that the vote on the new ccNSO internal rules is now formally concluded. Council adopted the vote report at its meeting held on Thursday, 20 October 2022 (noon UTC). The amended Rules become effective upon publication on the ccNSO Website:

About the ccNSO Members vote on the ccNSO Internal Rules

In October 2022, the ccNSO members voted on the adoption of the proposed new ccNSO internal rules. The timeline of the vote was defined as per the April 2022 Rules and adopted by the ccNSO Council. Joke Braeken was appointed Voting Process Manager. After the successful conclusion of the vote, the Voting Process Manager prepared a report for consideration by the Council to announce vote results, report incidents (if any) and formally conclude the voting. The vote was valid, and no incidents occurred. 

Here is the vote result:

At the closure of the vote, 83 ccNSO members out of 173 (48 %) casted their votes.

  • Total number of Ballots Cast (including duplicates): 95
  • Ballots Counted (excluding duplicates): 83
  • Number of Voters Who Did Not Vote: 90
  • Number of ballots counted (excluding duplicates): per region
    AF: 15 , AP: 21 , EU: 27 , LAC: 13 , NA: 5

81 voters supported the ccNSO Council's recommendation to adopt the proposed new rules, and 2 voters did not support the recommendation.