Important innovation: interpretation for ccNSO sessions at ICANN75

25 August 2022

Starting at ICANN75, for the very first time, simultaneous interpretation will be available for a select number of ccNSO sessions at ICANN public meetings. The enhanced language support is part of a pilot project, which covers simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, French, and English for ICANN75, ICANN76, and ICANN77.

The ICANN75 Annual General Meeting is being held 17–22 September 2022. Consult the ccNSO schedule here, and read the session highlights here.

About the pilot project

In May 2022, the ICANN Board recently adopted the FY23 Operating Plan and Budget, which includes allocations for approved Additional Budget Requests and pilot projects. Included in the package is a budget for targeted interpretation of ccNSO sessions for the upcoming 3 ICANN public meetings, starting with ICANN75. This pilot project will benefit the ccTLD community by deepening operational exchanges, and advancing information sharing. In addition, this pilot project will allow ICANN org to assess the costs and feasibility of providing additional interpretation services to the ICANN community based on emerging needs over time. The ccNSO Council selected Spanish and French as additional languages, as those would benefit the global ccTLD community most.

Integrated remote simultaneous interpretation in Zoom

ICANN has integrated remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) into Zoom. Watch the "How-to" guide on how to use this feature.

This integration allows participants who have downloaded the Zoom application, to click a single button within the Zoom meeting or webinar to access the interpretation of the available languages. Participants, including English speakers, should select the language they will speak or listen to by clicking on the Interpretation icon located on the Zoom toolbar. Additional instructions will become available for those attending ICANN75 in-person.