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20 August 2020 approved ccNSO Council Resolutions

23 August 2020

20 August 2020 | 18:00 UTC

ccNSO Council Approved Resolutions:

Topic: IDN ccPDP4 WG Members

THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO appoint all the persons related to ccTLD Managers who volunteered as such as members to the IDNccPDP4 WG. The secretariat is requested to inform these persons accordingly. The Council welcomes all the other participants, experts and observers to the WG, including - but not limited to - persons from ALAC, GAC, GNSO, and SSAC.

  • Ms Mirjana Tasić .rs
  • Mr Alireza Saleh .ir
  • Mr Jiankang Yao .cn
  • Mr Sanjay Goel .in
  • Mr Ben Lee .hk
  • Ms Noel Ng .hk
  • Mr Daniel Kalchev .bg
  • Ms Anna Karakhanyan .am
  • Ms Yuri Takamatsu .jp
  • Mr Kenny Huang .tw
  • Ms Ai-chin Lu .tw
  • Ms Irina Danelia .ru
  • Mr Dennis Tan Tanaka .cc
  • Mr Yudho Giri Sucahyo .id
  • Ms Svitlana Tkachenko .ua
  • Mr Peter Koch .de
  • Ms Kristina Hakobyan .am

Topic: Adoption – Final Report CCWG Auction Proceeds

THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO ADOPT the Final Report of the cross-community WG Auction Proceeds dated 29 May 2020 and supports theRecommendations 1-12 contained in the Final Report as well as the Guidance provided. The Council notes the minority positions contained in the Report, but does not support any them.

The Council requests the secretariat to publish this decision as soon as possible on the ccNSO Website and inform the ccNSO membership accordingly. The decision becomes effective seven (7 days) after publication.

The Council requests its chair to inform the other Chartering Organizations and chairs of the CCWG of the decision of the ccNSO Council as soon as it has become effective.

The Council expresses its appreciation and congratulates the WG and specifically the co-chairs of the CCWG AP - Erika Mann and Ching Ciao – for completion of the process.