Second and Final ccNSO Members Vote IDN ccTLD Policy Development Process

22 July 2013

The ccNSO members have the opportunity to vote on the ccNSO Council Recommendation as part of the ccNSO policy development process. As the first round of voting did not meet the required quorum for the first round ( at least 50 % of the membership needed to cast a vote), a second and final round of voting starts on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 00:00 UTC and ends on Tuesday, 13 August 2013 23:59 UTC.

The vote will be carried out electronically. Only the ccNSO primary contact of each member ccTLD will receive an electronic ballot at the email address listed with the ccNSO Secretariat. Please, note this ballot is sent by If the primary contact for your ccTLD has not received the ballot, one of the following issues may be at hand:

  • The primary contact as listed with the ccNSO secretariat is no longer the primary contact with your ccTLD.
  • The email address as listed with the Secretariat is no longer valid as the email address of the ccNSO representative for your ccTLD.

Please, check with the ccNSO Secretariat who your primary contact is, and this persons contact details!

A second issue, which has arisen in the past, is that the ballot email from is caught as "spam" by some spam filters. If you are sure the contact details are correct, please check your spam filter.

What is the ccNSO Council Recommendation?

At its meeting in Beijing, the ccNSO Council adopted all the proposals of the working groups relating to the selection of an IDN ccTLD string and inclusion of IDN ccTLDs in the ccNSO under the Internationalised Domain Names country code Policy Development Process (IDN ccPDP). As a result, they are now a ccNSO Council Recommendation and this is presented as such to the ccNSO Membership in the Members Report of the IDN ccPDP. The report has been published at

For those of you who feel that you know too little about the issues and full set of proposals and would like to learn more before voting, the IDN ccPDP Webinar of 15 May at 08.00 and 19.00 UTC has been posted at

You may be aware that voting in a Policy Development Process rarely happens within the ccNSO. In fact, this has only happened once before (on the ccNSO Bylaws changes in 2005). We would therefore be really grateful if as many members as possible would use the opportunity to vote on this very important topic. Over the next weeks, leading up to 13 August, we will keep you abreast of the progress on the voting.