Call for Volunteers to Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Working Group

21 February 2012

The Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Working Group (JIG) is looking for additional working group members to join the discussions on various IDN TLD-related topics. In order to have a good representation of the ccTLD perspective in the JIG discussions and recommendations, the ccNSO would like to see an increased participation of ccTLDs in this working group.

The purpose of the Ad-hoc ccNSO/GNSO Joint IDN Working Group is to deal with issues related to the introduction of IDN ccTLDs under the IDN ccTLD Fast Track implementation process and IDN gTLDs under the new gTLD implementation process which are of common interest to both the GNSO and ccNSO.

For more information, please visit the JIG website:

If you are interested in joining the group, please send an email to before 6 March. You do not need to be a ccNSO member to volunteer!