draft ccNSO Internal Procedure on Statement of Interest & ccNSO [Council] Conflict of Interest

21 September 2022

During the ICANN75 ccNSO governance session, held on Wednesday, 21 September 2022 | 07:00-08:00 UTC (starts 15:00 MYT), the ccNSO Guidelines Review Committee (GRC) will seek ccTLD community input on the proposed ccNSO statement of interest (SOI) and conflict of interest (COI) processes. Please find the draft internal procedure here.

Participate in the Live Session Poll: https://www.menti.com/1y72vm32gz (You are welcome to share this link with colleagues within your organisation, or other ccTLD representatives, keeping in mind that the idea is to ensure unique input by ccTLDs only)

A subcommittee of the Guidelines Review Committee developed the proposals, based on previous consultations at ICANN74. In addition, there will be a notice about upcoming voting processes and upcoming work items. Read more about the upcoming members vote on the ccNSO internal rules. Voting will begin after ICANN75. To learn more, read the Frequently Asked Questions & Answers