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ccNSO Council Approved Resolutions and Final Agenda

21 October 2020

ccNSO Council at ICANN69 | 20 October 2020 | 12:30 UTC

Date: 20 October 2020

Topic: Expression of Interest: Community Representatives Group


The chair is requested to prepare a call for expression taking into account the expected skillset and other requirements based on the proposed Terms of Reference for the Community Representatives Group. As soon as the call for expression of is agreed, it should be send out as soon as requested.

Date: 20 October 2020

Topic: Draft: TOR Outreach and Involvement Standing Committee


The Chair is requested to present the draft of the terms of Reference for the Outreach and Involvement Standing Committee at the next meeting. This committee should be tasked to oversee the list of activities in the area of Outreach and Involvement, Strategy development and communication efforts in this realm and where feasible take and consolidate other efforts of (Council) committees in this area.

Date: 20 October 2020

Topic: ccNSO Statement Process


The ccNSO Council requests the secretariat to launch the ccNSO Statement process in accordance with section 3 of the Guideline: ccNSO Statements ( to provide timely and as broadly supported input and feed-back to the questions and comments from ICANN legal pertaining to the change of Article 10 and Annex B of the ICANN Bylaws as were proposed by the ccNSO in order to enable the inclusion of IDN ccTLD Managers in the ccNSO.

Thank you:

The ccNSO Council expresses its thanks and appreciation to Ajay Data, NomCom appointee, for his service on the Council, and hope he will remain active in the community.

The ccNSO Council thanks Phillippe Fouquart for being such an active liaison between the GNSO and ccNSO and wish him wisdom and perseverance in his future role on the GNSO Council.

The ccNSO Council congratulates Patricio Poblete with his Board appointment and thanks Patricio, for all his years of active service to the ccTLD community and on the Council (from 2004 until 2011). Patricio we wish you wisdom, humor and perseverance on the ICANN Board.

On behalf of the ccNSO, the ccNSO Council thanks EURid for organizing and hosting the outstanding and very entertaining virtual cocktail: it set a new standard in the virtual world!

Finally, on behalf of the ccNSO and broader ccTLD community the ccNSO Council expresses its deep sense of gratitude to Chris Disspain for all his 20 years of outstanding service to the community, both the ccTLD and broader ICANN community. Chris's humor and wisdom were instrumental not only for putting the ccNSO on the map in the ICANN environment, but also for creating the sense of cooperation and collegialism that makes the ccNSO so unique. In his 9 years on the Board he always maintained an open line of communication with the ccTLD community. Chris, we sincerely hope you will remain active in the community in whatever capacity you see fit! Again: THANK YOU