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Adoption: New ccNSO Internal Rules

21 April 2022

The ccNSO members voted in March-April 2022 on the adoption of the proposed new ccNSO internal rules. The timeline of the vote (see Annex A) was defined as per the 2004 Rules and adopted by the ccNSO Council. Joke Braeken was appointed Voting Process Manager. After the successful conclusion of the vote the Voting Process Manager prepared a report for consideration by the Council to formally conclude the voting and report incidents if any and the results of the vote. Accordingly, no incidents have occurred, and the result of the vote was:

  • At the closure of the vote, 96 ccNSO members out of 172 (55 %) casted their votes
    • The total number of Ballots Cast (including duplicates) was 101.
    • Ballots Counted (excluding duplicates) was 96
  • Number of Voters Who Did Not Vote: 76
  • 91 voters supported the ccNSO Council's recommendation to adopt the proposed new rules, and
  • 5 voters did not support the recommendation.



THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO adopt the report on the vote to amend the 2004 Rules of the ccNSO.

The Council thanks the Voting Process Manager for the flawless voting process, and all those who engaged with the community to solicit voting to reach the required threshold of 50 % of the ccNSO membership that had to cast a vote.

The ccNSO Council also thanks the GRC, and specifically its subgroup under leadership of David McAuley for the hard and exemplary work in preparing the amendments and managing the process leading up to the vote.

The secretariat is requested to publish the resolution and the amended Rules, and archive the 2004 Rules, and inform the community accordingly.

Finally, for avoidance of doubt, the amended Rules become effective upon publication on the ccNSO Website: