Heads Up: The ccNSO Will Soon Launch a Call for Volunteers for the Root Server System Governance Working Group

19 November 2019

The ICANN Board recently passed a resolution to initiate the Root Server System (RSS) Governance Working Group (GWG): consequently, the ccNSO needs to appoint two (2) volunteers to the Root Server System CWG. A call for volunteers will be published in approximately a week from now, and it will include among others further background details on the RSS GWG, information on how to join, the candidate qualification requirements and the selection process.

About the RSS GWG

The GWG is the core of the community-driven process to develop a final cooperation and governance model for the Root Server System (RSS). In carrying out its work, the GWG shall embrace the principles outlined in "RSSAC037: A Proposed Governance Model for the DNS Root Server System" (RSSAC037) and refer to RSSAC037 and the Concept Paper as source documents, as well as the feedback from Public Comment.

Consult the GWG charter, its operating procedures and work plan as well as relevant resources on its workspace, or read the ICANN Board resolution to initiate the RSS GWG here.