the ccNSO celebrates its twentieth birthday – message from Council Chair

20 February 2023

Dear ccNSO members, council members, ccTLD representatives,

Twenty years ago, the country code Name Supporting Organisation was created. Happy anniversary to the ccNSO and well done for making it through two decades! It is no small accomplishment, and deserves recognition with our members, the broader ccTLD community and related stakeholders.

2023 marks a year of celebrations for the ccNSO, starting in March at ICANN76 in Cancun (MX), continuing through June at ICANN77 in Washington DC (US), until October at ICANN78 in Hamburg (DE).

To kick off the festivities, we warmly invite you to our ccNSO Anniversary Session at ICANN76, held on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 | 21:30-22:30 UTC (16:30-17:30 local). During this session, previous ccNSO leaders will reflect on the evolution and major milestones in the history of the ccNSO. Join us for a talk about why the ccNSO started in the first place, where we have been, what we do, and what makes us unique. This is an opportunity to thank all who have helped reach this milestone. I am sure you will enjoy seeing how our supporting organisation has grown to the information exchange platform for and by ccTLDs it is today.

Hoping that you will enjoy this and the many activities that are planned, I very much look forward to seeing you all in Cancun! :)

Best regards,
Alejandra Reynoso
ccNSO Council Chair