Council seeks volunteers | closes 5 October: draft ccNSO submission in response to request for comments on 2nd CSC Effectiveness Review Initial Report

29 September 2022

The ccNSO Council seeks volunteers for a small team, tasked with proposing a draft ccNSO submission in response to a request for comments on the Second CSC Effectiveness Review Initial Report. If interested, please read the materials below and respond by Wednesday, 5 October 2022 (23:59 UTC).

About the request for public comments

The CSC Effectiveness Team is seeking input on its findings and recommendations, at sections 4 and 5 of the Initial Report. Section 4 contains the findings and recommendations pertaining to the effectiveness of the CSC in performing its tasks as listed in the CSC charter and whether the CSC has implemented the recommendations of the first CSC Effectiveness Review. In Section 5 of the report, the Team presents its findings and recommendations on seven additional topics which were identified and which could impact the future effectiveness of the CSC.

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Why is it important for ccTLDs?

Among others, the CSC Review Team recommends that CSC - in close cooperation with PTI - develop a framework for regular reviews of the IANA Service Level Agreements.

The Customer Standing Committee (CSC) ensures the satisfactory performance of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) naming function. The CSC is responsible for monitoring Public Technical Identifier's (PTI) performance of the IANA naming function against the service level expectations in the IANA Naming Function Contract. The CSC analyzes performance reports provided by PTI and publishes its findings.

The CSC is authorized to undertake remedial action to address poor performance of the IANA naming function, and if performance issues are not remedied, may escalate the issues to the ccNSO and GNSO.

How to join the drafting team

All ccTLD representatives interested in joining the drafting team are welcome to apply. Please contact Joke Braeken (, latest by Wednesday, 5 October 2022 (23:59 UTC).

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Timeline & Next Steps

Once the call for volunteers closes, the drafting team will convene:

Meeting #1: 11 October 2022 at noon UTC

Meeting #2: 13 October 2022 at noon UTC

The drafting team is expected to finalise its draft ccNSO submission latest by 17 October 2022. The draft submission will follow the ccNSO statement procedure. The proposed ccNSO submission will then be sent to ccNSO Council for its review and adoption. Following adoption by the ccNSO Council, the draft ccNSO submission will be sent to the ccNSO members and broader ccTLD community for final comments.

The request for public comments by the CSC Review Team closes 08 November 2022 | 23:59 UTC. Following closure of the request for public comments, the CSC Review team will review all input and finalize its report. This Final Report will then be submitted to the ccNSO and GNSO Councils for their consideration and adoption.