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Consult the latest PTI update to the ccNSO and broader ccTLD community

15 October 2020

Here you will be able to find the latest Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) update to the ccNSO and broader ccTLD community. This update is also included in the October 2020 ccNSO Monthly Newsletter.

The ICANN69 PTI update includes the following elements:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Annual engagement survey
  • System evolution
  • Contacting staff
  • PTI updates, including on the operating plan and budget, the strategic plan and Board composition

Kim Davies (President of PTI, and Vice President of IANA Services for ICANN), on behalf of the IANA team:

"At ICANN meetings we typically engage with many customers on a one-on-one basis to discuss topics that are of interest to them. With ICANN69 being another virtual meeting, we regret that we cannot do that and would like to remind everyone that we are still available online, and we can host video or phone conferences to have a conversation. Please email us at if you have questions or would like to set up a meeting."