The ICANN68 ccNSO Members Meeting Session Brief is out now

08 June 2020

The ICANN68 ccNSO Members Meeting Session Brief is out now. The ccNSO Members Meeting Session Brief is produced by the ccNSO Secretariat, specifically in preparation for ICANN meetings to provide you with concise background information on the various sessions during the upcoming ccNSO Members Meeting.

The ccNSO Members Meeting as part of the ICANN68 Virtual Policy Forum focuses on 3 sessions:

  • Governance models of ccTLD managers | Tue, 23 June. 07:00-09:30 UTC (incl. 15 min break)
  • DNS in times of COVID-19: The ccTLD experience | Wed, 24 June. 00:30-03:00 UTC (incl. 15 min break)
  • Q&A ccNSO appointed ICANN Board members | Thu, 25 June. 08:30-09:30 UTC

Consult the ICANN68 ccNSO Members Meeting Session Brief here.

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