Apply for ccNSO travel funding for ICANN63, Barcelona

18 June 2018

Between Wedensday 20 June 2018 (noon UTC) and Wednesday 4 July 2018 (noon UTC) it is possible to apply for ccNSO travel funding to attend the ICANN63 public meeting, taking place between 20 and 26 October 2018 in Barcelona. No early/late submissions will be accepted.

What are the requirements for applicants?

The applicant actively participates in the work of the ccNSO and makes a special contribution to its projects and meetings. Examples of contributions to the work of the ccNSO: an active engagement in a ccNSO working group, a presentation at the ccNSO member meeting, or other engagements that strengthen the activities of the ccNSO. Important: Applications which do not clearly state an active contribution, are not eligible and will not be taken into consideration.

What is included?

The funding covers an economy class ticket to the travel destination, the hotel costs for the time of the meeting and a per diem (either full funding, or partial funding). A document with background information on the funding scheme is available at:

How to apply?

Full details on how to submit your application can be found here:

Next Steps?

Once the application window closed, the ccNSO Travel Fund Committee members will evaluate all applications. (ccNSO Council decision 134-01, 2017:

The outcome of the ccNSO Travel Fund Committee deliberations will be published on the ccNSO website, latest on 23 July 2017. All applicants will receive a personal notification as well.