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Call for Volunteers: The ccNSO seeks members to the ccNSO Outreach & Involvement Standing Committee (OISC)

19 February 2021

The ccNSO seeks volunteers for the ccNSO Outreach & Involvement Standing Committee (OISC). The OISC is a new committee, established as a standing committee to ensure:

  • A continued and ongoing coordinated approach regarding the existing and potential outreach and involvement efforts by and targeted at the ccNSO and ccTLD community
  • ccTLDs awareness of and involvement in the aforementioned efforts.

Save the date

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on Thursday, 4 March 2021 (16 UTC), when potential OISC members will be informed about the OISC's scope and working methods and have an opportunity to ask questions. Recordings will be posted here. Contact the ccNSO Secretariat for details on how to join the webinar.

The call for volunteers will close on Friday, 12 March 2021 (23:59 UTC).

Who can join?

As per its Terms of Reference, as recently adopted by the ccNSO Council, the OISC shall consist of:

  • up to four (4) ccNSO Councillors: including at least one (1) NomCom appointed Councillor and one (1) Chair or Vice-Chair of the Council
  • the ccNSO Meetings Programme Committee Chair
  • up to four (4) representatives of the Regional Organizations (ROs)
  • up to three (3) representatives from ccTLD Managers (members and non-members of the ccNSO alike)

Working method

The committee meets regularly through telephone conferences and might decide to meet during the ICANN public meetings. However, most work is done remotely, between the telephone conferences and meetings. The working language of the committee is English.

How to apply?

  • Send your Expressions of Interest (EoI) to join the OISC to
  • Include a short statement, regarding:

    1. Your support from a ccTLD manager (whether members or non-member of the ccNSO)
    2. Your qualifications to serve on the OISC and which previous experience you have in terms of outreach and engagement
    3. Your time commitment
  • The deadline for volunteering is Friday, 12 March 2021 (23:59 UTC)
  • By submitting your personal data, you acknowledge that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the ICANN Privacy Policy ( you agree to abide by the electronic Terms of Service (

Next Steps

After closure of the call for volunteers, Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by the ccNSO Council, who is expected to appoint the committee members. Note that only complete applications arriving prior to the deadline will be considered.

Once the members have been appointed, the ccNSO Secretariat will send the members a link to an online Public Data Consent Form. Via this form, members consent to ICANN processing data in order to be appointed as member to the committee and to be subscribed to the relevant mailing list(s). The form explains the information ICANN will process to administer participation and how the information will be used for this purpose. It also describes the rights members have regarding their information. The OISC is expected to meet for the first-time post ICANN70.

About the OISC

Consult the OISC Terms of Reference and read more about the Committee here: