Call for Volunteers to 2012 Nominating Committee

17 July 2011

The ccNSO is now looking for a delegate to join the 2012 Nominating Committee (NomCom).

The Nominating Committee is a body designed to fill key leadership positions within the ICANN structure. It is functioning independently from the ICANN Board, Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees. You can read more about the NomCom at

The NomCom has provided a list of requirements for the position, which is listed below.

Should you be interested in filling this position, please, let us know by Friday, 29 July at the latest – please, send an email to You do not need to be a ccNSO member to apply. Should there be more than one candidate, the ccNSO Council will make a final selection.


We hope service on the NomCom will be interesting and rewarding. In 2012 the NomCom will select 3 Directors of the ICANN Board, 2 members if the ALAC, 1 member of the GNSO Council, and one member of the ccNSO Council. Please note the following as you invite volunteers and make your selection:

All 2012 NomCom members should be able to attend the Dakar ICANN meeting, 23-28 October including an additional day Oct 29th when we anticipate the 2012 NomCom will hold its first formal meeting. Travel, accommodational other expenses will be provided.

NomCom delegates should have a high level network of contacts essential to candidate recruitment (and we hope the ccNSO as sending entity will support your delegate and help them with outreach.)

The person should be able to join monthly teleconferences (typically UTC 13:00.)

Note that the committee's workload will increase significantly during May/June 2012 when the candidate assessment process will be at its busiest. We anticipate holding weekly calls at that time (again typically UTC 13:00).

The person must be able to attend the June ICANN meeting, Prague, 24-29 June and NomCom selection meeting expected June 30 and July 1st.

The person should be willing to work in a large, consensus-oriented committee.