Apply now for ccNSO Travel funding for ICANN77

18 January 2023

ccNSO travel support is available for a limited set of travelers for ICANN77, held 12-15 June 2023 in Washington (US). The ccNSO accepts applications for ccNSO travel support as of Thursday, 19 January 2023 (noon UTC), until Thursday, 2 February 2023 (noon UTC). Early or late submissions will not be evaluated.

What are the requirements for ccNSO applicants?

The applicant actively participates in the work of the ccNSO and contributes to its projects and meetings. Examples of contributions to the work of the ccNSO: an active engagement in a ccNSO working group, a role as presenter/session chair/moderator during ccNSO sessions at the public meeting, or other engagements that strengthen the activities of the ccNSO.

Important: Applications which do not clearly state an active contribution, are not eligible and will not be taken into consideration.

What is included?

The ccNSO travel funding covers an economy class ticket to the travel destination, the hotel costs for the time of the meeting and a per diem (either full funding, or partial funding). For more details, consult the ccNSO Travel Fund Guideline: For ICANN77, the approved date of arrival is: 11 June 2023, the approved date of departure: 16 June 2023.

How to apply?

Review all materials and fill in the form located here:

Next Steps?

Once the application window is closed, a subcommittee of the ccNSO Outreach and Involvement Standing Committee (OISC) will evaluate all applications. The outcome of the committee's deliberations will be published on the ccNSO website. All applicants will receive a personal notification. Consult the list of ccNSO funded travelers, per ICANN meeting on


ICANN TRAVEL SUPPORT. Consult the ICANN Community Travel Support Guidelines here:

ICANN might require funded Travelers to sign an acknowledgement and waiver, built in the meeting registration for anyone that is registering for in-person participation. Instructions on how to book travel will be provided by ICANN Travel Support to funded travelers who are confirmed and eligible.

TRAVEL ARRIVAL MEASURES. All travelers have a responsibility to understand the entry and exit requirements of their travel and determine if they can meet those requirements before committing to the travel. Travelers may review specific travel requirements by visiting or their local government international traveler websites.

ICANN is committed to ensuring inclusive Public Meetings that provide an equal opportunity for all to engage. If funded travelers are not eligible or cannot meet the entry requirements as outlined by the government of the meeting location, ICANN aims to offer an engaging virtual participation experience.