February 2021 Council Resolutions

18 February 2021

At the February meeting, the ccNSO Council resolved to adopt the following resolutions:


THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO agree with the letter to the Board Organizational Effectiveness Committee, in response to their letter from 9 December 2020, to provide the OEC additional details and clarification per their request and inform them on the status of implementation of the recommendation of the second organizational review of the ccNSO. The Council requests its chair to send the letter as soon as feasible to the Chair of the OEC.


Per request of the IFRT, dated 8 February, THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED to approve the proposed change of the IANA Naming Function Contract section Article VII, Section 7.1 (a): Audits, by striking the sentence The relevant policies under which the changes are made shall be noted within each monthly report (emphasis added) from the text of forementioned Article. The Chair of the ccNSO is requested to inform the Chairs of the IFRT and relevant ICANN staff accordingly, seven (7) days after this resolution is published. The secretariat is requested to publish this resolution as soon as possible and inform the community accordingly.


The Secretariat is requested to launch a call for Expression of Interest for each to each of these groups listed in the ToR. The call should close on Friday 12 March 2021. The secretariat is requested to organize a webinar to introduce the OISC to the broader community and to solicit interest to actively participate.


The ccNSO Council supports and adopts the Response as proposed by the Drafting Team and asks the secretariat to publish this decision and the response as adopted as soon as possible. The Chair of the Council is requested to inform relevant ICANN staff (seven (7) days after publication of publication of this decision and sent the response as adopted accordingly o ICANN staff.

With respect to difference between the entities who manage multiple ASCII ccTLD and entities who run multiple IDNccTLDs relating to the same country or territory (point b above) the ccNSO Council requests the secretariat to update the Bylaw change repository accordingly as item that needs to be discussed as suggested.

With respect to point a. and b. above, the Chair is requested to inform the GRC of the need to update various Guidelines and the internal procedures to align the Guidelines and internal procedures with the proposed changes to Article 10 and Annex B of the ICANN Bylaws by the time they become effective.