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December Council Resolutions

17 December 2020

At the December meeting, the ccNSO Council resolved to adopt the following resolutions:


The ccNSO Council appoints Madison Wang(.cn), Nicolas Lisse (.na), David McAuley (.cc), James Shady (.au) as members of the SOPC. The secretariat is requested to inform the SOPC and new members accordingly and update the listing of the membership


The ccNSO Council adopts the Nomination Report, including the advice on how to resolve the issues identified by the Nomination Manager, and requests the GRC to review and propose an update of the Guideline: ccNSO Nominations process Board seats 11 and 12 (22 August 2019) if considered necessary to address Issues i – iii identified by the Nomination Manager accordingly and prior to the anticipated upcoming Nomination Process. The ccNSO Council notes that issue iv identified is being addressed as part of the ongoing GRC work with respect to role of the ccNSO as Decisional Participant.

The Council notes and concurs with the observations of the Nomination Manager.

The ccNSO Council thanks Joke Braeken for her work as Nomination Manager and her hard work during that time.


In accordance with section 10.3 (i) of the ICANN Bylaws, the ccNSO Council formally nominates Katrina Sataki, .lv, EU region, to be designated by the Empowered Community Administrative Committee to fill ICANN Board Seat number 12 starting at the end of ICANN's Annual General Meeting in 2021 for a term of three years.

The ccNSO Council requests its specially designated Chair Byron Holland to inform the Empowered Community Administration, ICANN Secretary, and Chair of the ICANN Board of the nomination of Katrina as soon as this resolution becomes effective at which time the Nomination Process is formally closed as well.

The Council congratulates Katrina and wholeheartedly thanks Nigel Roberts for standing as a candidate.


The ccNSO Council requests the ccNSO Guideline Review Committee to develop and propose internal procedures pertaining to perceived and or possible conflicts of interest, taking into account general principles of fairness and accountability. The GRC is strongly recommended to look at and build on ICANN's Conflict of Interest Policy (2018) and consult ICANN in the process. The secretariat is requested to inform the GRC on behalf of Council and publish this resolution as soon as possible.