In Memoriam Ben Fuller

16 April 2018

The Council notes with great regret the unexpected passing of our esteemed colleague Ben Fuller.

His contributions to ICANN, and particularly the ccNSO Community, may not be well known, but they were extensive and invaluable. As an active member of the Guidelines Review Committee, he made significant contributions to the ccNSO

Ben was also a most effective liaison to the GNSO.

His regular reports to the Council were both clear and comprehensive, giving the Council a clear sense of GNSO activities and concerns. His people skills went far in elevating the relationship between the ccNSO and the GNSO to its current state.

On behalf of the ccNSO Community, the Council wishes to express its deepest condolences to his family, his friend and colleague, Eberhard Lisse, the .NA ccTLD and the Namibian Internet Community.