SAVE THE DATE: Join us for a ccNSO webinar on the ccNSO Rejections Action Guideline

15 February 2018

The ccNSO is pleased to announce two sessions for an upcoming webinar:

ccNSO Guideline: ccNSO Procedure for the Exercise of the
Empowered Community’s rights to Reject Specified Actions
Wednesday, 28 February 2018 (19:00 UTC)
Friday, 2 March 2018 (10:00 UTC)

About the webinar

In this 60-minute webinar, the ccNSO Guideline: ccNSO Procedure for the Exercise of the Empowered Community's rights to Reject Specified Actions will be explained and discussed, to ensure ccTLDs are aware of their own roles and responsibilities, those of the ccNSO as a whole and of the ccNSO Council. In order to prepare for the webinar, a copy of the draft guideline will be shared with the ccTLD community shortly.


According to the ICANN Bylaws, the Empowered Community needs to approve certain actions to become effective ("Approval Actions").

The Empowered Community (EC) includes the ccNSO. Other Decisional Participants are ALAC, ASO, GAC, and GNSO. In addition, the EC may object to certain actions ("Rejection Actions"). The ccNSO as Decisional Participant is developing internal Guidelines to structure the Approval Action and Rejection Action processes.

How to Join

The webinar will run in English and will be conducted in Adobe Connect along with a dial-in conference bridge for audio. Recordings of the sessions will be made available.

Dial in numbers:

Conference ID: 5258

Adobe Room: