Call for Expression of Interest: IANA Naming Function Review Team (IFRT)

15 August 2018

The ccNSO Secretariat launched a call for Expression of Interest (EoI) for 3 members of the IANA Naming Function Review Team (IFRT). The call for EoI will be opened on Friday, 10 August 2018 and will close on Friday, 24 August 2018 (17:00 UTC).

If interested, please send the following documents to: no later than Friday 24 August 2018 (17:00 UTC).

  1. Completed application form (please email for an application form)
  2. Your resume, curriculum vitae, or biography.
  3. If applicable, a letter of support from your employer in respect to the required time commitment to participate actively in the IFRT.

Composition of the review team

The three ccNSO appointed members to the IFRT are to be appointed in accordance with the rules and procedures of the ccNSO and must be from different ICANN regions. The composition of the review team, which is specified by the Bylaws, includes, among others:
(a) Two representatives appointed by the ccNSO from its ccTLD registry operator representatives;

(b) One non-ccNSO ccTLD representative who is associated with a ccTLD registry operator that is not a representative of the ccNSO, appointed by the ccNSO; it is strongly recommended that the ccNSO consult with the regional ccTLD organizations (i.e., AfTLD, APTLD, LACTLD, and CENTR) in making its appointment;

Further details on the candidate qualification requirements are included at the bottom of this email.

Next Steps

Once we have received your intent to volunteers as IFRT member, the ccNSO Secretariat will send you a link to an online Acknowledgement of Terms Form. Via this form, you consent to ICANN processing data in order to add you as a member of the IFRT and its mailing list(s). The form explains the information ICANN will process to administer your participation in the IFRT and how the information will be used this purpose. It also describes the rights you have regarding your information. (Terms of Service)


As this is the first time the ccNSO needs to select members to the IFRT, to ensure that all requirements set in the Bylaws are met, the ccNSO Council agreed to follow the procedure as described in a temporary guideline. The purpose of this temporary guideline is to document processes and procedures pertaining to the ccNSO Council's responsibilities with respect to the appointment of members to the IFRT and to serve as a basis for a guideline for future appointments.

IFRT Candidate Qualification Requirements

Skill set and experience

  • Direct experience and knowledge of the IANA naming functions.
  • Understanding the purpose of the IFR.
  • Analytical skills, ability to interpret quantitative and qualitative evidence, and the capacity to draw conclusions purely based on evidence.
  • Experience in managing and/or participating in committees (e.g. meeting coordination, reporting, and escalation) to contribute meaningfully to IFR processes.
  • Demonstrated ability in relationship management to support discussion, consensus-driven decision making, and productive negotiation.
  • Excellent communication skills to represent ccTLD interests and to keep the ccNSO Council and broader ccTLD community informed on progress.
  • Ability to work and communicate in written and spoken English.

Further a candidate:

  • Should indicate why she or he is interested in becoming involved in the IFR.
  • Indicate the ccTLD manager with whom the candidate is associated.
  • Should be employed or have active backing by the ccTLD manager with whom the candidate is associated.
  • Demonstrate the support by the ccTLD manager in respect to the required time commitment to participate actively in the IFR.
  • Indicate whether willing to stand as co-chair
  • Commit to abide by the rules of the IFRT and the temporary Guideline.

In addition, and in accordance with the requirements with respect to the composition of an IFRT, only if a candidate is considered to meet the above criteria, functional and cultural diversity criteria should be taken into account.