Results of ccNSO Council Elections and Extraordinary ccNSO Council Elections

11 November 2012

The elections for the ccNSO Council are now closed and the required quorums (more than 50 % of the members from a region) for the Asian Pacific and European Region were met.

Ordinary Council Elections Asia-Pacific Region:

In the Asia Pacific Region, 23 ccNSO members casted valid votes (out of 42 members).

Keith Davidson received 16 votes and Xiantang Sun 7 votes.

Extraordinary Council Elections in European Region:

In the European Region, 19 ccNSO members (out of 34 members eligible for voting) cast valid votes.

Katrina Sataki received 14 votes, Andrei Kolesnikov 3 votes; 2 Abstentions.

Start of Term

Katrina Sataki, who fills the vacancy of Juhani Juselius will take her seat with immediate effect. Her term ends in March 2015.

Keith Davidson will take seat together with the other Councillors, which were selected in the ordinary ccNSO Nominations, straight after the ccNSO Council meeting in Beijing in April 2013 (term ending 2016).

The other Councillors who are taking seat in April 2013 are:

African Region:  Ntahigiye Abibu, .tz
European Region: Lesley Cowley, .uk
Latin American Region: Luis Diego Espinoza, .cr
North American Region: Becky Burr, .us

Congratulations to all, and in particular to Keith and Katrina and many thanks to Xiantang and Andrei for standing in the elections.