Call for volunteers: three ccNSO appointed representatives to the second IANA Naming Function Review (IFR) team

12 April 2023

Following a recent request from ICANN org, the ccNSO now seeks three (3) volunteers for the the second IANA Naming Function Review (IFR) team.

About the IFR and the IFR team

The IFR is an accountability mechanism required by ICANN's Bylaws to ensure that Public Technical Identifiers (PTI) meets the needs and expectations of its naming customers. The IFR team is mandated to review PTI's performance of the IANA naming function against the contractual requirements set forth in the IANA Naming Function Contract and the IANA Naming Function Statement of Work. An important distinction is that the IFR is not an ICANN Organizational or Specific review, and it is not a replacement for the work of the Customer Standing Committee (CSC).

Interested in applying? Join the ccNSO IFRT webinar

Join the ccNSO IFRT webinar on Wednesday, 12 April 2023 (2 editions: 7 and 19 UTC)

During the webinars, you will be informed about:

  • the IFRT and its scope
  • how to apply
  • the requirements for ccNSO appointed members
  • experiences from previous members
  • how Council will select its preferred candidate

Members of the 1st IANA Naming Function Review Team and staff will be available to answer questions. Both webinars will be recorded, and recordings will be posted here.

Time Commitment

Review activities are anticipated to begin in September 2023 for approximately 12 – 18 months.

Candidate qualification requirements

ccNSO is seeking volunteers who wish to serve as a member on the second IFR team. The composition of the IFRT foresees three (3) representatives who are associated with ccTLD managers, to be appointed by the ccNSO Council. Representatives need not be associated with a ccNSO member. As part of the appointment process, the Bylaws provide for the ccNSO and GNSO to each select one representative from its respective list of appointments to serve as co-chairs of the review team.

Interested candidates should review the background information and candidate qualification requirements slide deck before completing this Expression of Interest. The final report of the first IFR may also be a useful reference document.

How to apply

Candidates are requested to submit their Expression of Interest to the ccNSO, by 9 May 2023 (23:59 UTC). Please complete the form here:


In the event only 3 eligible persons have volunteered, they shall be appointed by the ccNSO Council at the first council meeting following the call for volunteers. In the event more persons have volunteered for the 3 positions, the ccNSO Council will conduct an email vote for the appointment. The 3 volunteers who receives the majority of the votes lodged shall be considered to be appointed by the ccNSO Council.

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