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Call for volunteers: Join the ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC)

12 April 2022

The ccNSO seeks volunteers for the new ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC). The DASC is the core of the ccTLD community-driven process around DNS Abuse. This call for volunteers closes Friday, 29 April 2022, 23:59 UTC. Further background details and information on how to join are included below.

Potential DASC members and those want to learn more about the work of the DASC are kindly invited to a 1-hour webinar. See

There will be two editions of the same webinar:

DASC Webinar (1) | Wednesday, 20 April 2022 (7 UTC)
Register in advance for this meeting:

DASC Webinar (2) | Wednesday, 20 April 2022 (16 UTC)
Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Recordings will become available here:

Purpose and Mandate

The ccNSO Council adopted the Road map for the ccNSO and DNS Abuse in March 2022.

The ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC) is intended to maintain a dedicated forum for ccTLD Managers to discuss the important topic of DNS Abuse and to share information, insights, and practices. It is primarily aimed at ccTLD Managers who participate within the ICANN community but is not limited to ccNSO members. Participation is purely voluntary. In keeping with the nature of the ccNSO, the purpose of the Committee is not to formulate any policy or standards, recognising that policy development in this area is out of scope of the ccNSO policy remit. The overarching purpose is to raise understanding and awareness of the issues pertaining to DNS Abuse, promote open and constructive dialogue, and ultimately to assist ccTLD Managers in their efforts to mitigate the impact of DNS Abuse. In undertaking its activities, the Committee is not mandated nor shall it act as a representative of nor act on behalf of the ccNSO, ccNSO Membership, ccNSO Council or individual ccTLD Managers collectively or individually.

Scope of activities

The main areas of activities are:

  • Enhance sharing of information and practices for the benefit of ccTLDs
  • Showcase ccTLD efforts
  • Reinforce the message about the nature of ccTLDs and the (limited) role of the ccNSO when addressing other stakeholders in the DNS ecosystem
  • Share DNS Abuse related metrics

The Committee is expected to create and maintain a repository of useful resources for ccTLD managers.

Workload & working method

The DASC will starts its work around ICANN74 in June 2022, and is expected to convene via recorded teleconferences every other week. Consult the Roadmap for more details about the phased approach.

Who can join?

Members can be representatives from all ccTLD managers listed in the IANA database, whether members or non-members of the ccNSO. The Committee should represent ccTLDs globally with at least one member from each of the ICANN geographical regions.


DASC members are not compensated. The ccNSO has a limited number of travel funding slots to ICANN public meetings with a face-to-face component, for those participants that actively participate in the work of the ccNSO and makes a special contribution to its projects and meetings.

How to apply?

If you are interested in joining the DASC, kindly send an e-mail to , with the following materials:

  • your statement of interest, including a short biography
  • Kindly specify your affiliation with a ccTLD Manager, and disclose potential conflicts of interest.

Closing date of this call for volunteers is Friday, 29 April 2022, 23:59 UTC

The ccNSO Secretariat will send all DASC members a Public Data Consent Form. Via this form, you consent to ICANN processing data in order to add you as a member of the DASC and its mailing list(s). The form explains the information ICANN will process to administer your participation in the DASC and how the information will be used for this purpose. It also describes the rights you have regarding your information.

Background & Links

All relevant resources will be published on its workspace.

Consult here the announcement regarding the ccNSO Council's resolution to adopt the Roadmap regarding the ccNSO and DNS Abuse.

During ICANN73, ccTLDs suggested areas for improvement to the draft DASC's draft Terms of Reference, specifically to include safeguards with respect to the scope of its mandate. The amended Terms of Reference were subsequently adopted by Council.