Regions Working Group Draft Report for Comments (10 May 2007)

09 May 2007

Dear all,
Included you'll find the Report of the Working group on ICANN Geographic Regions..

At the ccNSO Lisbon meeting the ccNSO ICANN Geographical Regions Working Group was tasked to prepare a draft report and to consult with ccTLD managers to ensure their opinions regarding the definition of ICANNs Geographic Regions are reflected in the final report and that the ccTLD manager community supports the recommendations of the Working Group..

It was also agreed in Lisbon that after consultation of ccTLD managers as a next step the ccNSO would seek public consultation, in particular from the GAC..

As presented at the Lisbon meeting (see: it is the opinion of the Working Group that the current definition is not only confusing to the individual, it may make it more difficult - particularly for ccTLD managers from smaller countries with limited resources - to actively participate and be engaged in different aspects of ICANN..

To resolve the negative impact of the current definition of Geographic Regions to these ccTLD managers the Working Group recommends:.

1. To prepare a ccNSO submission to ICANNs Regions review process (See Draft Report Section C, Option 4); and.

2.As a short-mid term solution:.

a. the ccNSO should define a procedure for self-selection to enable ccTLD managers who consider themselves inappropriately assigned to an ICANN Geographical Region on the basis of the so-called "citizenship" criterion (see Draft Report WG on ICANNs Geographic Regions nr.8), to self-select an appropriate Region; and.

b.facilitate the creation of sub-regional or interregional groups (see Report Section C options 3a and 3b)..

In preparation for the public consultation the Working Group would appreciate input from ccTLD managers on the following questions:.

I. Do the concerns as described in Section C of the report adequately represent the concerns of ccTLD managers? If not, please indicate what need to change..

II. Do you support the recommendation of the Working Group? If not, please indicate if you support any of the other options..

You are kindly requested to send you comments, if any, to the ccNSO secretariat,, preferably no later then 28 May 2007, 5 pm UTC. The secretariat will then compile the comments..

On behalf of the Working Group,.

David Archbold, Chair.

Draft Regions Working Group Discussion Document