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The current .co ccTLD Manager joins as newest member of the ccNSO

09 October 2020

The Council of the country code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) approved " Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC)", the current ccTLD operator of .co (Colombia), as the newest ccNSO member. The ccNSO currently numbers 172 members. The ccNSO warmly welcomes the .co ccTLD Manager to its membership and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration.


Membership in the ccNSO is open to all ccTLD managers responsible for managing an ISO 3166-1 country-code top-level domain. Consult the list of ccNSO members here:

Following the recent transfer of the .co ccTLD from .CO Internet SAS to Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC) - .CO Internet SAS is no longer the ccTLD Manager of .co. According to the ICANN Bylaws, ccNSO membership is limited to ccTLD Managers (originally Sponsoring Organisations), which are the entities listed as ccTLD Manager in the IANA TLD Delegation record. The ccNSO Council therefore concluded that the ccNSO membership of .CO Internet SAS has ended, after completion of the transfer process of .co to MinTIC.