all Upcoming ccNSO Council Meetings now open to observers

08 March 2020

The enhancement of the accountability and transparency of the ccNSO is a continuous exercise, in partnership with the global ccTLD community. As part of that process, the agenda of the Council meetings, relevant background documentation and meeting recordings to date are publicly available via the Council workspace.


To further enhance the transparency and accountability of the ccNSO, moving forward, all ccNSO Council meetings will be open to observers, unless stated otherwise.

Previously, only the ccNSO Council meetings held at ICANN public meetings were open to observers: this is now extended to all Council meetings. Details on how to attend the ccNSO Council meetings will be posted on the Council workspace.

Join the upcoming ccNSO Council Meeting

The next ccNSO Council meeting will be held on Thursday, 12 March 2020 (12 UTC). Details regarding the agenda, background documentation and information on how to join the upcoming ccNSO Council meeting are available here: