Final Report on the retirement of ccTLDs submitted for consideration – 9 June 2021

09 June 2021

Following the ccNSO Council decision to separate of Part 1 (Retirement of ccTLDs) and Part 2 ( Review Mechanism), and each part to continue according to its own timeline, the Issue Manager has submitted the Final Report on the retirement of ccTLDs to the chair of the ccNSO Council. The Final Report is available here.

The ccNSO Council is expected to consider and decide on the proposed policy for the retirement of ccTLDs at its upcoming meeting during ICANN71 on Thursday 17 June 2021. Assuming the ccNSO Council adopts the Final Report and the recommended policy on the retirement of ccTLDs, the ccNSO Members will have the opportunity to provide to vote on the policy (starting 7 July 2021 until 28 July 2021)