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Tech Day at ICANN67 – Call for Presentations – 9 January 2019

08 January 2020

Call for Presentations

41st TechDay at ICANN 67 in Cancún

The ICANN Tech Working Group is again planning a technical workshop at the ICANN 67 meeting in Cancún on Monday 2020-03-06 Blocks 2-5 starting 10:30.

The TechDay workshop has been a part of ICANN meetings since 2006 and has provided a forum for both experienced and new people to meet, present and discuss technical topics related to registry and DNS work and security.

We are especially interested in:

  1. DNS Abuse
  2. DNS over TCP, DNS over HTTPS
  3. IDN
  4. DNSSEC, in particular within the LAC region
  5. In addition, we welcome suggestions for additional topics

If you are interested in presenting, please email