Regions Working Group Draft Report for Submission to ICANN Board for Public Consultation (8 August 2007)

07 August 2007

The ccNSO Regions Working Group has submitted its Final Report to the ccNSO Council, who are currently considering it. The main recommendation of that report was that the ccNSO should submit a paper to the ICANN Board outlining the issues identified by the ccNSO, and urging the Board to establish a community-wide Working Group to take forward the work of the ccNSO and make recommendations to the Board on a revised regional structure.

The Working Group has prepared a draft of the paper that it recommends that the ccNSO should submit to the ICANN Board. That draft paper is now posted for review and comment by the ccTLD community. For clarity, although this draft ccNSO Paper is based upon the Regions Working Group's Final Report, the emphasis is different. It assumes that the ccNSO Council has accepted the Final Report (which it has not yet done), and concentrates on explaining to the ICANN Board why further, community-wide consultation and investigation is needed.

Comments can be submitted until the 29th August 2007.