Conclusion nominations : Special ccNSO Council Elections – European region

07 December 2021

This is to inform you that - in accordance with the approved timeline - the nomination period for the Special ccNSO Council Elections – European region closed on Thursday, 2 December 2021 (23:59 UTC). One candidate was nominated, seconded, and has accepted his nomination for the ccNSO council election, as per the applicable rules: Chris Disspain.

The nomination archives can be found here.

Next steps

A Councillor can be any individual nominated, seconded and elected as described in the ccNSO Council Election Guideline. As only one candidate was nominated and seconded within the nomination period, no elections need to be held in the European region. Since at the close of nominations there are no more valid candidates in the aforementioned geographic region than there are seats on the ccNSO Council available for this region, the nominated candidate shall be selected to serve on the ccNSO Council.

The Election Manager will prepare the Election Report for the Special ccNSO Council Elections – European region for consideration by the ccNSO Council. The process will formally close 7 days after adoption and publication of the Election Report.


Giovanni Seppia has indicated he will step down from the ccNSO Council on 31 December 2021. In accordance with section 10.4(g) of the ICANN Bylaws, the ccNSO members in the European Region will need to select a candidate for the remainder of Giovanni's term (until March 2023). The person selected for the special Council election will take the seat on the Council on 1 January 2022, latest after formal completion of the selection process.

The ccNSO opened a call for nominations to fill the seat: the nomination and secondment procedure started Thursday, 18 November 2021 (00:01 UTC) and closed Thursday, 2 December 2021 (23:59 UTC).

The ccNSO Council consists of 18 Councillors: 15 Councilors are elected by the ccNSO members within that ICANN Geographic Region. Individuals are elected in their personal capacity and serve the ccTLD community. There are 5 geographic regions, and 3 Councilors per region. Three additional Councillors are appointed by the ICANN Nominating Committee.


Archive for nominations and secondments

Relevant ccNSO guideline


Call for nominations