The June 2024 edition (issue 54) of the ccNSO newsletter is out now

06 June 2024

The June 2024 edition (issue 54) of the ccNSO newsletter is out now. Subscribe here to receive future editions of the newsletter:

Highlights from this month's edition:

  • Missed the ccNSO Newcomer's webinar?
  • Keep informed about the work of the ccNSO
  • ccNSO members adopt the proposed ccPDP4-IDN policy
  • ccNSO welcomes Lebanon ccTLD as ccNSO member
  • Get ready for ICANN80
    • RICTA CEO (.rw) Grace Ingabire welcomes ICANN80 participants to Rwanda
    • Block schedule: ccNSO sessions at ICANN80
    • Tech Day
    • ccNSO Members Meeting · Day 1
      • ccNSO Welcome Session, including working group updates and ccTLD News, part 1
      • ccTLD News, part 2
      • DASC session on gTLD Registrar Accreditation Agreement Amendments: considerations for ccTLDs
    • ccNSO Members Meeting · Day 2
      • Universal Acceptance Session by the ccNSO UAC
      • Policy Update Session
      • IGLC Session: How ccTLDs contribute to a better world, in pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
        • Insights on Internet Governance: IGLC releases paper
      • ccTLD relevant aspects in ICANN's Strategic and Operational Planning
    • ccNSO Members Meeting · Day 3
      • World Café session on Sustaining Legitimacy: What would you do to enhance participation in ccNSO Decision-Making?
    • News from ICANN
    • ccNSO Council highlights