MPC kicked off its planning for the next ccNSO Members Meeting

05 April 2023

The objective of the Meetings Program Committee (MPC) is to ensure a relevant program for ccTLD managers. The MPC recently evaluated the feedback received following the ICANN76 Community Forum held in Cancun (MX). Here are some highlights from the satisfaction survey:

  • Feedback from the community on the ICANN76 ccNSO Members Meeting was collected via an online satisfaction survey with questions similar to previous surveys. The survey was shared with the ccNSO Members and broader ccTLD community via email and via an announcement on the ccNSO website. Consult the results here.
  • The survey was open for 2 weeks and closed 29 March 2023 (23:59 UTC). The MPC is pleased to have received 33 unique responses. For comparison, MPC received 16 responses for the ICANN70 Community Forum and 30 for the ICANN73 virtual Policy Forum.
  • Respondents listed a high satisfaction regarding the ccNSO sessions overall, including their topics and meeting execution.

MPC wishes to warmly thank everybody who provided input and appreciates the conversation. Your input is valuable and helps MPC to meet the needs and expectations of the ccTLD community. MPC also wishes to thank all presenters, session chairs and moderators for their invaluable contributions. If you wish to look back at ICANN76: the recordings and session materials have been posted on the ICANN76 public schedule.

Based on the feedback provided, the MPC and others started planning for the upcoming ICANN77 Policy Forum, held 12-15 June in Washington DC (US). During the next ccNSO Members Meeting, you may expect various sessions, among others a ccTLD News Session, a session on registration trends across regions, an IGLC session that explores legislative initiatives and their impact on ccTLDs, a continuation of the ICANN76 DASC update session where the DNS Abuse Standing Committee shared its first set of survey results, ccNSO 20 year anniversary celebrations and more. Stay tuned, and check out the highlights of the upcoming ICANN77 ccNSO sessions!