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The ccNSO Council adopts the Final report of the Emoji Study Group

03 October 2019

In response to ICANN Board resolutions 2017.11.02.10 and 2017.11.02.11 the ccNSO Council on 26 February 2018 approved the charter for the Emoji Study Group (ESG) to provide it and the ccTLD community a comprehensive overview of the issues associated with the use of emoji in second level domains. The 12 members of the Study Group (which includes members of the SSAC and OCTO) held their first meeting on June 12 2018 where Peter Koch was appointed as Chair of the ESG.

The Emoji Study Group submitted their final report to the ccNSO Council for consideration and approval. Report can be found here.

On the 19 September 2019 Council meeting, the ccNSO Council adopted the final report of the Emoji Study Group and supports the recommendations contained in it. The ccNSO Council wishes to thank the members of the ESG for their work on this report.