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Request for comments on proposed updated Internal Rules for the ccNSO

04 August 2022

The Guidelines Review Committee Subgroup on updating the ccNSO Rules held a consultation at ICANN74, to present to the membership their proposed updates to the April 2022 Internal Rules of the ccNSO. As a next step in the group's consultation with ccNSO members on revising the Rules, there is one more chance to submit any further comment/reflection you wish to make on the proposed updated Rules on list. Find here the latest proposal, both in a clean version and a red-line version.

Why was a revision of the Internal Rules needed?

On 2 June 2022, the most recent version of the ICANN Bylaws was published. Consequently, amendments to Article 10, on the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO), and Annex B, on the ccNSO Policy Development Process, became effective. The Bylaw change impacts on ccNSO existing rules and operating procedures with respect to the inclusion of IDN ccTLD managers as members of the ccNSO.

Where and how can I submit comments on the proposal?

Please let us know of any comments you have not later than 12 August, 23:59 UTC.
Kindly send your comments to or

What are the next steps?

Following closure of the comment period, the subgroup will consider such comments – if any. If there are no major concerns raised, the latest proposed updated Internal Rules will be presented to the ccNSO Council for adoption at their next meeting, on 18 August. We expect Council will subsequently initiate a member vote on this update, starting after conclusion of the ICANN75 Annual General Meeting.

To help you as you consider any final comments here are some pertinent links: