ccNSO Request for Issue Report Regarding Changes to Bylaws, Policy Development Process, and Scope of ccNSO (3 May 2005)

02 May 2005

At its meeting on 28 April 2005, the ccNSO Council resolved to call for an Issue Report on whether a Policy Development Process should be launched to consider recommending to the Board of ICANN changes to;

  1. Article IX of the ICANN By Laws (;
  2. The ccNSO Policy Development Process (; and
  3. The Scope of the ccNSO (

Bart Boswinkel has been appointed interim Issue Manager and will be responsible for producing the Issue Report. In preparing his report, the Issue Manager will consider a letter from CENTR [] as well as input and comment from ccTLD managers and others on issues in Article IX, the PDP and the Scope that they believe need to be dealt with.

To ascertain those issues a comment period will open on 5th May 2005 and close on 15th May 2005. Comments can be submitted via email and there will be an archive. The email address for comments and link to the archive will be published at the opening of the comment period.

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In raising matters for consideration, it will be most helpful if you would:

  1. explain what the issue is; and
  2. refer to the specific clause or clauses in Article IX, the PDP and/or the Scope which you think would need to be changed.

Please note that it is not necessary at this stage to suggest specific changes to the wording of clauses in Article IX, the PDP and the Scope.