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Exclusion of ccTLD policy related matters from ICANN Reconsideration and Independent Review Processes

02 August 2022

The ccNSO Council recently clarified its position regarding the exclusion of ccTLD policy related matters from ICANN's Reconsideration and Independent Review Processes. Council sent a letter, following a question from ICANN Legal concerning the proposed ccTLD retirement policy (ccPDP3-RET), aiming to ensure that the Board's consideration process of the proposed retirement policy will be completed. Read more.

The ccNSO Council is of the view that following disputes and claims should be excluded from ICANN's Reconsideration Process as well as from the Independent Review Process (IRP) for Covered Actions:

  • all disputes and claims related to the delegation, transfer and revocation of ccTLDs, until both ccPDP3-RM and ccPDP4-IDN have been concluded.
  • the ccTLD retirement-related issues set-out in section 5.2 of the proposed ccTLD Retirement policy and other disputes or claims related to the retirement of ccTLDs


Policy Development Processes (PDP) for the delegated Top-Level Domains associated with the country codes assigned to countries and territories listed in the ISO 3166-1:

  • ccPDP3-RET. On 28 September 2021, the ccNSO policy recommendation pertaining to the retirement of ccTLDs was submitted for consideration and decision by the ICANN Board of Directors, as per Annex B, section 14 of the ICANN Bylaws. Read more here and here.
  • ccPDP3-RM. The goal of the ccPDP3 Review Mechanism Working Group is to report on and recommend a policy for a review mechanism with respect to decisions pertaining to the delegation, transfer, revocation and retirement of ccTLDs.
  • ccPDP4-IDN. The ccPDP4-IDN Working Group defines the criteria, process, and procedures for (de)selecting IDN ccTLD strings.
  • ccNSO Council Resolution 185-04 from 21 July 2022.